El Loco at Slip Inn

Not only is this place packed on a Friday night as well as the weekends, it’s also extremely busy during lunchtime when you want to sit downstairs where the bar is right outside.

What was interesting was that as well as your usual tables, you’ve also got the pallet tables which was quite difficult to have food on. If you drop your food in between, don’t worry you’ve got your skirt or your jeans to catch the food!

El Loco

As above, the tacos on the left side are the ‘Camaron‘ (prawn) tacos with pico de gallo and salsa verde. The top right is the ‘Asada‘ (beef) taco with salsa verde. The bottom right is the ‘Pollo’ (chicken) taco with sweet corn salsa. All tacos are $6 each which is available for lunch and dinner everyday from 12pm.

El Loco

With this Camaron (prawn) taco, you have the salsa verde (green paste) and the pico de gallo (red paste) – a really good combination in your taco.

Below we have one of El Loco’s most famous – the El Loco Hotdoghouse made frank, pico de gallo, mustard relish, jalapenos, mayo, queso fresca on a soft hotdog bun for $10. The cheese was actually the most interesting thing. I’ve never had queso fresca before but this kind of cheese is so fluffy as you can tell from the picture. It’s so fluffy that as you put it into your mouth it just softens immediately- definitely really good cheese.

El Loco

And your usual sides: Corn chips with Guacamole and salsa for $6 and Chipotle fries served with chipotle mayo $7.

El Loco

El Loco

The hot dog is standard but the tacos are worth trying. Definitely a great place to hang out at because of the really live atmosphere as well as the great lights at night.

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