I ‘account’ for food

So I’m a student working as a casual accountant which can be dry. But the perks of this job, is “splendid”.

You’re constantly travelling to different places to work on different clients, so this means FOOD FOOD FOOD everywhere, every day !

So for the past 2 weeks, I’ve been working at the top of one of Sydney’s biggest shopping centres: Westfield Pitt St. Go out of the office gates and down the escalators is the door to ‘Food on 5’ (level 5). From delicate dumplings at Din Tai Fung, to modern Indian at Nine Marys, Mexican Tacos at Guzman y Gomez, grilled gourmet ‘haute dogs’ at Snag Stand and to finish off the food marathon with  Gelato at Via Del Corso Pasticceria e Caffé.

Whether your shopping or just exploring, there are so many choices here. But avoid going at 12, because you won’t be able to find a seat because it’s insanely packed!

FIRST STOP : Snag Stand

So one of Sydney’s most famous ‘haute dogs’, are ordered from Snag Stand. After trying to stay healthy for 2 weeks, I finally decided to lunch here today, a chillidog along with some chips . It did NOT disappoint. It was deliciously fattening and  filling. It was definitely the best hot dog I’ve ever had but I must say, it’s going to be a one-time experience only for me as it’s wayy too filling – I’m still full !

My Lunch Menu: 
– Chillidog
All natural frankfurter w/ chilli beef sauce, onions, cheddar cheese & roasted chilli peppers on a toasted brioche roll $8.90
– Chips
100% Tasmanian Russet potatoes w/ natural sea salt flakes $3.90
– Sriracha Mayo Dipping sauce $1

snag stand

captured by iPhone 4S

Snag Stand on Urbanspoon


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