So I’ve been here a few times and I am pleased to say the food never seems to disappoint me. So if you’re ever in Sydney, make sure you stop by Wagaya- a Japanese restaurant right in the heart of Sydney city.

Chicken Meatball with MENTAI  (spicy cod roe) and mayo = $6.90

Chicken Meatball with MENTAI (spicy cod roe) and mayo = $6.90

This was one of my favourite! The sauce definitely ties it together and it wasn’t that spicy (good thing for people who don’t/can’t eat spicy). The mayo was tasty. It ran out too quickly but I really enjoyed this one.

Seafood Stir Fried Udon = $16.30

Seafood Stir Fried Udon = $16.30

This was light, which was a good thing. The prawn was cooked perfectly and not chewy and the squid was soft as well, and easy to eat, along with the crab and the scallop. It had a good variety of seafood and vegetables (which were also cooked good). The sauce was well balanced, a bit salty but that balanced out when eaten with the seafood.

Agedashi Rice Cake = $9

Agedashi Rice Cake = $9

This was DELICIOUS!! I mean, I enjoyed it very much but I wish I ate it earlier because I was busy indulging in all the other dishes that arrived first. Parts of this were crunchy and so yum with the sweet sauce. Some other bits were soggy but that meant the soup was soaked through and so flavoursome.

Spider (Soft Shell Crab) Roll = $11.20 (6p)

Spider (Soft Shell Crab) Roll = $11.20 (6p)

The chilli sauce really helped give that extra flavour. That was the first time I’ve ever tried lotus root chips, and I enjoyed it. Was crunchy and tasted nice with the sushi.

Prawn Tempura and Avocado Roll - $12 (6p)

Prawn Tempura and Avocado Roll – $12 (6p)

The prawn was crunchy and it was cooked perfectly and tasted really nice with rice and avocado. I really enjoyed my time here and will definitely be coming back. Wagaya sticks to the traditional but makes it their own as well. The service was great and fast, and they always refilled my water which was a very nice service. Make sure you stop by here!


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