Today, 10 Ippudo restauarants stand across the world in Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia & the US. Ippudo remains one of Sydney’s best Japanese and now coming to Sydney Central Park comes the arrival of the 2nd Ippudo!

New Sydney Central Park opening late October 2014:
Level 1 RB07, 28 Broadway, Chippendale NSW 2008

Despite how large the restaurant is, there’s always a long queue outside on Thursday to Sunday nights! Yet- everyone’s always really keen, because Ippudo definitely offers great Japanese ramen.

Ippudo (Sydney)

At the front of the restaurant is the main bar:

Ippudo (Sydney)

Check out the lunch, dinner and drinks menu.

As a starter, we ordered the Avocado & Tofu Tartar ($10). This consists of the tofu tartar and fresh avocado along with the creamy sesame sauce.

Ippudo (Sydney)

The tofu and avocado is definitely light and refreshing so the creamy sesame sauce adds a balancing flavour to the dish. The sauce, was just right for the dish because of it’s sweet sesame which came through quite well.

Ippudo (Sydney)

Ippudo (Sydney)

We then enjoyed some Pork Buns. These are a must when you visit Ippudo. You’re missing out if you forget about these! These are steamed buns with braised pork and accompanied by Ippudo’s original sauce ($4 each). The amount of sauce is just right to balance out the flavours. There’s not too much that it sweetens the buns but also isn’t lacking either. The braised pork – definitely enjoyable.

Ippudo (Sydney)

The Barramundi Saikyo Yaki ($16) was next on our menu. It looked a bit odd on the menu since we were sitting inside a Japanese restaurant. So we decided it was perfect to order and give it a try. The barramundi here is marinated with sweet Saikyo miso grilled and served with wasabi sauce.

Ippudo (Sydney)

The yellow sauce here definitely isn’t what you expect. I’m not a wasabi fan so as I got to this, I was a bit surprised that’s for sure. For this dish in particular, I really enjoyed the Barramundi with this wasabi sauce. Every bite of the barramundi did help lessen the wasabi smell which was good. Although, the Barramundi was standard. However, I’d advise to try the typical Japanese dishes like ramen or sushi.

Ippudo (Sydney)

For our mains, we went for the Akamaru Special ($24). The special just means, in addition to the akamaru, you also get the flavoured egg, simmered pork belly, roasted seaweed, flavoured black mushrooms, flavoured bamboo shoots and spring onions.

Ippudo (Sydney)

This was a dish which was challenging to finish but enjoying. Definitely order the ‘special’ as you get extra toppings which definitely makes the dish taste a whole lot better! Although, definitely more difficult to finish as there’s heaps more to go through.

Ippudo (Sydney)

We also ordered the Karaka Men Special ($25)

Ippudo (Sydney)

I was definitely really glad when I saw the spice on the top (love spices)! One bowl of ramen here is definitely really filling. The soup is definitely really rich in flavour and also very thick. For the ramen, always get ‘hard‘ when the staff asks you, because if you’re going to sit and chat for a bit or capture a few photos, by the time you start eating, you’d want the noodles to be perfectly cooked.

Ippudo (Sydney)

Just as the picture shows, the ‘special‘ just means that in addition to your ramen, you also get the flavoured egg, simmered pork belly, roasted seaweed, flavoured black mushrooms, flavoured bamboo shoots and spring onions. 

Ippudo (Sydney)

Ippudo Sydney on Urbanspoon

Disclaimer: Views and opinions expressed in this post represent our own only. The Finders would like to thank Sana from SD Marketing for the invitation to visit Ippudo. 


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