Wooden Whisk

I fell in love with the sandwiches I had on my first visit almost 2 years ago. But I honestly never paid much attention to the store design or the layout itself. But this 2nd visit, really made me notice how nice of an interior Wooden Whisk had.


IMG_9586After my first sip of the Chai Latte, I definitely got even more excited to try the food I had ordered!

Chai Latte $3.80

Chai Latte $3.80

Definitely one of my most favourite hot chocolate ever ordered. Above all, you also get the rich taste of the chocolate drizzle.

Hot Chocolate $3.80

Hot Chocolate $3.80

As soon as this dish arrived, I knew I wasn’t expecting any less. The dish itself looked so good, I honestly didn’t want to dig in because it was just so beautifully plated.
I’m glad the salmon was as crispy as it looked because it was the main element of this dish. Being beautifully cooked, it definitely made the dish a standout. Although, I think there was too many of the pearl cous cous. A little less would have been perfect. There was just so much that you ended up getting a bit bored. As well as the cous cous, you also have pumpkin, tomatoes and capsicum which all worked together really well.

Grilled fillet of ocean trout, pearl cous cous, pesto aioli & tomato relish $17.90

Grilled fillet of ocean trout, pearl cous cous, pesto aioli & tomato relish


Last time I was here, I had the sandwiches. If you checkout their menu, you’ll notice that half of their lunch menu is made up of sandwich dishes. It’s because their sandwiches are just so good. The roast chicken between the 2 pieces of white sourdough was really creamy. The mixed leaves, definitely made the sandwiches a lot healthier than just with the chicken. The sourdough bread- crunch to perfection!

roast chicken with tarragon and lemon, mixed leaves & aioli

roast chicken with tarragon and lemon, mixed leaves & aioli



This place should not be missed! It’s a lovely place to dine at on a chilly day with excellent food which needs to be noticed! To add, the staff here are really nice.


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2 thoughts on “Wooden Whisk

  1. How funny, I work just down the road from Whisk, and it’s the cafe of choice for everyone in my office who goes out for takeaway coffees. I don’t think I’ve ever stopped in for the food though!

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