La Maison Maille {food}

My Interesting Finds was invited to a mustard tasting and high tea on the Thursday 31st July, but could not attend due to commitments. Our contact was lovely enough to provide us another opportunity on a date convenience for us. So despite missing out on a special high tea at the Boronia Tea House (beautiful place!), we still wanted to taste some mustard and gain some knowledge on this from the French mustard experts!

As we arrived, we were greeted by the IGA store manager who introduced us to the Maille team. There we met the French Mustard Somelier, Elodie as well as Amelia who were both from France and had arrived in Sydney to help get the Maille team up running and get it to a good start.To be honest, I’ve never been a fan of mustard, it just has that after taste which stays in your mouth for too long. Coming here, we didn’t know what to expect, except for tasting something we were never really much a fan of. In case you don’t know, Maille is a very famous French mustard brand which is a must in every French family’s’ fridge.The tasting session started with a bit of an introduction on how Maille came about. Antoine-Claude Maille was a distiller and a vinegar-maker who lived in Paris when he started Maille in 1747. He invented the ‘Vinegar of the Four Thieves’ to save the inhabitants of Marseille from the ravages of the plague. For this, the products sold have therefore become widely recommended by the French. Mustard was therefore, later introduced and to date, there are 84 mustard and 120 different vinegar flavours. ‘Til today, La Maison Maille continues to explore and select the finest ingredients to continue to deliver the richness and quality in their products.Currently, there are only 4 stores worldwide- Paris (Place de la Madeleine), Dijon (Rue de la Liberte)London (Piccadilly) and the new store in Sydney at Mosman within the IGA supermarket.Mustard is something definitely very difficult to bring into Australian cooking so by setting this boutique within a supermarket, this will definitely continue to generate widespread interest.For all the mustard flavours which are offered, visit the site to check it out.INTERESTING FACT: mustard has ‘zero‘ calories, unless it contains things like cheese etc. So if you find any of these mustard flavour a good substitute for your usual cooking ingredients, definitely worthwhile!




To have your mustard the traditional French way, first, smell the mustard. After this, you take a bit of the mustard on the tip of your tongue and spread it around in your mouth. As that’s done, you then eat it. The spreading of the flavour around your mouth helps conceal the flavour within your mouth hence creating a stonger mustard flavour as you eat.

 The ‘Mustard with Chablis Wine‘ and the ‘Mustard with Sauternes Wine‘ are served in the traditional way through a pump. This way, it is made fresh, delivering the full flavour Maille mustard should have.



We were then offered the chance to try the ‘Mustard with Chablis White Wine and Black Truffles‘ which is one of the most exquisite mustard flavour offered at Maille. A current offer is running for customers to win a $500 jar of this kind of Mustard. Why so exquisite? Truffles are a very rare form, hard to find. Hence, they’re very expensive.


We had the ‘Cornichons‘ which are extra fine gherkins. These were definitely really tasty. Not sure if I’d have a whole jar in one go, but one or 2 every day is really good! You’ll probably get sick after a couple in one go, hence why I’d recommend one or two at one time.

You could also purchase these through smaller packs of 5. 

My favourite flavours from the below was definitely the Mustard with Honey and Balsamic Vinegar (top row, 2nd from the left). This one was recommended to be used as a marinating sauce for your meat because it’s definitely a very good substitute for your BBQ sauce. If you’re not much of a mustard fan, either try the balsamic one or the Mustard with White Wine, Mangoes and Thai Spices (bottom row, middle).

I didn’t quite like the Mustard with White Wine and Dijon Blackcurrant Liqueur (middle row, far left) or the Mustard with White Wine and Blue Cheese (top row, far left). But greatly varies amongst different people.

To try these flavours, definitely take a visit as the boutique is always opened for taste testing.


 I definitely was convinced by this brand after trying the range of vinegar and salad dressing that was offered. I’ve purchased these to bring home because they were just so good I couldn’t help 02
The ‘Blend Of Vinegar and Mango Purée‘ was definitely very fruity and exotic. This can be used as part of your seafood dish or you can also make a really exotic cocktail from this. All you need to make this special cocktail is some vodka, peach juice and this product itself!The salad dressing which I also bought was the Soy Vinaigrette with Toasted Sesame Seeds‘. Definitely really good. There was a really strong sesame seed taste to it which really took its presence over the usual vinegar taste making it sweet and tasty. This is a good substitute for your usual salad dressing or as a sauce for any dish.
This was definitely a very worthwhile experiencing. It took over an hour to reach this place but finishing up, it was well worth the trip made. Our knowledge of mustard definitely expanded and we were really glad to have met Elodie and Amelia from the Maille team all the way from France as well as Soraya who invited us writers to enjoy this tasting experience. We really do hope Maille continues to educate those around Australia on mustard, because there’s definitely a lot to be learnt, and a lot to be tasted. Because after all this, we’ve realised, there’s a lot more to mustard than the yellow mustard you see at hot dog stands!

Disclaimer: Views and opinions expressed in this post represent our own only. The Finders would like to thank Soraya from AC Agency for the invitation to visit Maille at IGA. 


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