Kitchen by Mike {food}

It’s definitely very difficult to find the location but it’s right where Black Star Pastry is. The entrance to the restaurant/cafe is just via the sliding doors with the sign ‘slide to enter’. It’s as if entering a huge garage where you have no idea what could be in store for you. I definitely really liked the set up of the restaurant because it’s just very chilled and very simple. I love how many places today are creating such a warm, simple atmosphere. I’d like to think it’s very Australian- which is really nice.

So you have your simple menu right in front of you but what the names actually mean, you can only see for yourself once you get to the counter because it’s right there for you to decide.

kitchen by mike 06There may not be as many chairs and tables from the image but the space itself is really big. To the right of this image is a little corner shop which sells kitchenware and other things, also with Kitchen by Mike.

kitchen by mike 05 All the sourdough you could possibly eat is right here in front of you.

kitchen by mike 07

Mike’s rustic sourdough bread
$3.50 per slice

The first dish was a combination of the herb roast chicken ($14) along with the slaw ($4.50). To accompany this, a slice of sourdough ($3.50) was also added to the dish. The chicken and salad was definitely really enjoyable. The long sticks of broccoli was actually really good too. What I enjoyed most about the salad was the fact that the slices of apples made it a lot more refreshing. The chicken was right, it wasn’t dry and the skin still maintained the crispiness it needed.

kitchen by mike 02

Herb roast chicken with cabbage, apple and buttermilk slaw along with a slice of Mike’s sourdough bread

kitchen by mike 01
The second dish was a combination of the polpetone with polenta ($16) and the salad ($8). A slice of sourdough ($3.50) was also added. I guess it’s the natural thing to do. When you see sourdough bread, you have to try it!

kitchen by mike 03

Polpetone with polenta and pear, fennel, raising & walnuts


kitchen by mike 04


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