Great Wall of China, Beijing {travel}

I visited the Badaling section of the Great Wall, which is regarded as the best preserved section of the Wall. If you are unaware, the Great Wall of China is the longest defence wall in the World.

The drive to the Great Wall is just beautiful. Even if you see parts of the wall, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re close to the entrance of this attraction. There are so many sections which you can visit, with the Badaling being the most popular. Being most popular, it’s also the busiest as well. Unfortunately once I got there, it started to rain and I thought, how was this climb going to be possible. The other person on the tour with me actually wanted to trek it as well. We were so keen and did not want to take the cable car to the top. When it rained, we did reconsider the cable car option but by then, the ticket counter had closed. In China, every store is prepared for any weather. As soon as it rained, the shops at the place were selling ponchos for like 4-6 rmb (which is around 1 AUD). It cleared up in no time which was good so we got to enjoy the trek up the entire Badaling section. It felt really good. Takes around 1 hour to trek the section and then probably 30mins to get back as it’s just downhill. This was also done on China’s Labour Day so it was extremely crowded. If you want a section where you can take photos on the Wall without too many people around, go to the Mutianyu section of the Wall because it does tend to be less crowded.

Truly an amazing experience that will never be forgotten. If you want to really enjoy the experience, do trek it so that you can walk up and take photos while embracing the pleasant scenery.

As I was driven to the Badaling section of the Great Wall of China as part of the tour, I did not have to take any buses or trains. However if you are going without a tour and need to know how to get to the Great Wall, I’ve included the details below. Don’t forget, if you visit China, the Great Wall is a must. And it’s not just because it’s a famous attraction- it truly is an amazing experience with a spectacular view.




IMG_8291 IMG_8376IMG_8329

Details to get to the Great Wall of China

How to get to Badaling:The bus stop to the Badaling is north of the Deshengmen Arrow Tower. Closest subway station is Jishuitan Station (subway line 2, Exit A). The bus stop is probably around 500m from the subway station.
There are different buses which you could take however, some will make several stops at the different sections of the Great Wall. If you’re after the bus stopping at just the Badaling, take bus number 877 which goes from Deshengmen to Badaling. ticket fares are around 12 CNY per person. If you have the Beijing transport card, it’d probably cos you close to 5 CNY. Bus ride will take around 1 hour (really depends on traffic).

Entrance fee: Apr 1-Oct 31: 45 CNY, Nov 1-Mar 31: 40 CNY
– Cable car will cost you 60 CNY one way, or 80 CNY for return.

Opening hours:  6.40am – 6.30pm
Recommended visit length: If you’re only walking up one section, 2 hours max is all you need.




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