Temple of Heaven, Beijing {travel}

This is the largest building complex for worshipping the God of Heaven in the world. Compared to the Forbidden City which used yellow tiles for the roofs, this Temple uses blue roof tiles because it symbolises heaven.


You probably won’t be able to recognise that this is indeed the gate to the Temple of Heaven. The actual temple is far inside behind these gates.

IMG_7893You’ll walk down this pathway.


You’ll then come across this little garden, take several snaps and then enter the official gates to see the Temple.
IMG_7909Amazing right? But don’t expect to be burning any incenses because you don’t do that here. It’s only a sight to visit but here, you can view how amazingly beautiful it is.






On your way out of the Temple of Heaven, you’ll pass this area. There’ll be people playing Chinese Mahjong, or kicking the tradition shuttlecocks (jianzi). I had the chance to meet a couple local Chinese people and play a little game with them which was quite an interesting moment 🙂 It’s really nice because you feel as though you’re a part of the community.


Details to get to the Temple of Heaven:

Subway station: Tiantandongmen

Entrance fee: I can’t remember the admission price but I believe it was at a minimum of 10 rmb.

Opening hours: the park is opened from 6am-9pm. As for the actual sight, it opens at 8am all year round. From April-October, the sight closes at 6pm. All other times (Nov-Mar), closes at 5pm.

Recommended visit length: Around 2-3 hours is enough


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