Menulog online takeaway – food straight to your door {food}

It definitely helps when all it takes is a couple clicks with your mouse to order food from your favourite local restaurant straight to your door. Menulog ( is one which provides such avenue. Currently the number 1 for online takeaway, all you need to do is type in home post code where you’ll select the relevant suburb. Menulog then compiles a list of restaurants which is able to deliver food straight to your house (given the post code you provided). You can then click on the restaurant which interests you and then have the chance to view all the different meals they offer. Select your choices and then pay with either your VISA, MasterCard, AMEX or with cash. After you have submitted, you’ll receive an SMS from Menulog to confirm your order.

So with my first go, I decided to order from Outback Jacks Bar & Grill from Warwick Park. I ordered:

(i) Chicken Burger (grilled chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, pineapple ring, red onion, melted cheese & ranch dressing) served on toasted buns with chunky chips $17 .95

(ii) Chicken Schnitzel (juicy chicken coated in thick crumbs and cooked to golden brown) $15.95

So that was a total of $33.90 with a charge of $12 for delivery, so a total of $45.90. Delivery charges really depends on where you’re located. Sydney CBD delivery charges seem to be a lot cheaper than other regions. 

You either arrange for the food to be delivered immediately (so ASAP) or by your chosen time. So I asked for my food to be delivered by 2.30pm. At 2.20pm, my doorbell rang with the food delivered right to my door! I’ve never done something like this before so it was pretty exciting. Rather than driving out to the restaurant, ordering food and waiting, I can just order my meal from home and have it delivered straight to my house without any trouble.

edit photo 1

The food was still hot when we received it so that was good. Considering there were chips, the food definitely had to stay warm.

edit IMG_9231

edit IMG_9232

A very standard with the chicken piece being a bit small for the burger unlike others which is quite huge and chunky to eat. As usual, the cheese was melted on top so that was a positive. Although, it was a little dry so I probably wouldn’t go for this again. And not much lettuce so not as healthy as the ones you’d get from Grill’d. I’d have to say the burgers at Grill’d and Stoned Crow still top my list.

edit photo 2

edit IMG_9233

The chicken schnitzel came in a good size without it being too thick and as it was well coated with crumbs, this allowed it to stay crunchy.  Pretty standard I’d say.

If I was to ever in need of food and didn’t have the time to drive out, I would definitely use Menulog again because of the reliability of the service. It’s especially worth it if you’re ordering for a huge family because then the $12 delivery charge becomes a really small amount.


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