V Lounge {food}

V lounge has been around for some time now but for most parts, it’s known as a dessert/cafe place. So I decided to try other things apart from just the typical, although I couldn’t resist a bit of sweet stuff.

So as you enter, there’s a visible fridge with small desserts which you can choose from. Either that or you have gelato to pick from or the things from the menu itself. It was just after 12 so I thought, this chocolate mocha is quite small so why not.

I don’t drink coffee, but when it comes to desserts, I love coffee flavoured ones- ones that are not too strong in flavour and isn’t too sweet. So this one was perfect, the mocha didn’t come through too strong and there was a really soft chocolate taste to it. I tend to favour desserts that aren’t too sweet because sometimes when it’s too sweet, it feels really sickening with all the sugar burst inside.

Chocolate Mocha

Chocolate Mocha

v lounge (03)
As it was after 12, my company and I decided to have some brunch (breakfast lunch). The salmon in an omelette sounded interesting so we decided to order this.

When the dish arrived on our table, we were quite surprised because it was huge, perfect to share between the 2 on a Sunday morning. The dish overall was quite good although the salmon was quite soggy because of the mushroom sauce that came inside. It was definitely better than I expected so thumbs up for that. Apart from the taste, I also have to praise the presentation of the dish because it definitely looks appetising.

v lounge (01)

V Lounge has been around for couple years now and that’s mainly because it offers a very nice hangout place in the middle of a local Vietnamese suburb- Canley Heights. As well as chilling, you have the chance to go for a coffee, some gelato or even some chips and wedges if you’re hungry.


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One thought on “V Lounge {food}

  1. Oh V-Lounge.
    I think this is a great hang out spot. You will always seem to bump into friends here at night – and not just friends that live in the ‘Canley Heights’ area.
    I have never actually tried food from here. Everyone seems to come here just for dessert.
    The omelet pictured looks quite appetizing – might try it one day if I’m hungry and not in the mood for any Vietnamese Cuisine down the road.

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