Chi and Co {food}

Located on the corner on Derby Street in Canley Heights, this restaurant offers a mix of Southeastern Asian cuisines through a shared dining experience in a modern dining atmosphere.

chi (07)The fixtures and interior design really accentuates the restaurant’s warm ambience – I love it!
chi (06)

As there’s usually a wait on weekends, it’s great to perhaps start off with a couple drinks at the bar while you wait for your table. The passion & peach mocktail was indeed refreshing which was really nice. It’s always good if you’re driving and want something a little more fun that the typical orange juice. The drink wasn’t as expensive as I would’ve expected. Other mocktails on the list were around $6-8 so it was relatively cheap.

Passion & Peach mocktail  $6

Passion & Peach mocktail

So we started the night with some squids. You can’t go wrong with these! Pepper squids with chilli is always great when you add a squeeze of lemon to it. They weren’t too particularly crunchy as they should be but I guess that’s because the squids were quite thick. But overall it was nice. Wasn’t too salty either which was good.

'Salt & Pepper Squid'  $12.90 (small)  (large option available for $18.90)

‘Salt & Pepper Squid
$12.90 (small)
(large option available for $18.90)

Couldn’t help avoid the ‘awesome‘ labelled name of this dish. Unfortunately it wasn’t as awesome as the name made it out to be. Eggplants are delicious when it’s well flavoured, because initially, egg plants are really plain and flavourless. I think it would’ve tasted better if there was more flavour in the prawns and the pork stuffed inside the eggplants. The soy sauce was very plain so didn’t exactly improve the dish either.

'Awesome fried stuffed eggplant'  with prawn and pork served with garlic ginger soy sauce  $12.80

Awesome fried stuffed eggplant
with prawn and pork served with garlic ginger soy sauce

The salad was accompanied with fish sauce, which is ‘nuoc mam‘ in vietnamese. Despite the salad giving a really refreshing feel, there was just too much sauce. Usually when there’s too much nuoc mam, it becomes too overpowering and too sweet for you to be able to continue. In this case, we shared the salad between 3 girls so it wasn’t too bad. But the mint leaves really soaked in the nuoc mam. The barramundi was nice, although a little soggy by the time you got to it.

'Fried wild Barramundi fillets'  with green apple salad and fried shallots  $24.80

Fried wild Barramundi fillets
with green apple salad and fried shallots

The chicken dish was very average, once again there was quite a fair bit of sauce. I found that for the price that you pay for this dish, the quantity didn’t exactly justify it. Something you could definitely get at a lot of other places for a slightly cheaper price tag.

'Chicken Chilli Basil'  Thai stir-fried free range chicken with garlic, chilli, basil, snake beans and baby corn  $20.80

Chicken Chilli Basil
Thai stir-fried free range chicken with garlic, chilli, basil, snake beans and baby corn


Overall, it was alright. Dishes may have been a little bit too expensive for the quantity that you get. But if you’re looking for a nice place to chill with a few tapas, Chi & Co is definitely a good option. Based on the drink that I had, I’d definitely come here for more drinks.



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