Pizzeria Bellucci {food}

So I decided to change the scene a little from the ordinary individual restaurant food to something like the Bankstown Sports Club!

You’ll probably wonder, isn’t it really limited and a very ordinary, boring sports club atmosphere?! Well I was just as surprised. Can’t tell you how positively shocked I was when I saw the place! It was so much nicer than what I had pictured.

So the food level isn’t exactly a food court. It’s like having multiple food districts on 1 level, with Italian being the largest – La Piazza. La Piazza is set up to look like a themed Italian street scape; designed to create a feel of what it’s like to dine on the very streets of Italy.

Honestly, I’ve never been to Italy but I couldn’t help but feel like I was actually there. I was extremely amazed at how detailed the place was- it was just exquisite. They really do put a lot of effort into bringing the Italian spirit into you.


Pizzeria Belluci (04)
So you have 2 restaurants to choose from along with spacious dining space – ‘Stuzzichino’ & ‘Pizzeria Belluci’.

Pizzeria Belluci (06)

Pizzeria Belluci (05)
You should never ever have high expectations when going to a Sports Club for food because Sports Club food isn’t rated 5 stars. This place served pretty average food. It’s certainly not the best food nor did it blow my mind. But if I was visiting near by, I definitely would consider this place again, mainly because of the ambience. Ofcourse, I’d like to try the other restaurant. Within the sports club, there’s also a Chinese Restaurant called ‘Imperial Jade Palace‘.

So the garlic bread was quite nice, just as it should be- crunchy with a garlic taste to it.

Garlic Bread  $5

Garlic Bread $5


I really enjoyed this pizza. I’ve never had artichokes on pizzas ever but I have to say, I had 2 big slices just because of the artichokes. It was much nicer than expected because it was soft, so went well with everything else.

Check out the menu for the different dishes offered.

Pizza Mambo (mushrooms, artichokes, semi sun dried tomatoes, bocconcini, prosciutto & ricotta) $26

Pizza Mambo
(mushrooms, artichokes, semi sun dried tomatoes, bocconcini, prosciutto & ricotta)

I didn’t exactly enjoy the pizza too much. The spaghetti was a little bit too hard for my liking and there wasn’t much flavour. I hope they didn’t just use spaghetti tomato sauce!

Spaghetti Pescatore (spaghetti with fresh seafood) $23

Spaghetti Pescatore
(spaghetti with fresh seafood)

Overall, pretty average food. Pizza was probably nicest out of the 3 dishes, with the ambience the main reason I’d come back.


Pizzeria Bellucci on Urbanspoon


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