Mooberry Dessert & Breakfast Bar (Neutral Bay) {food}

Mooberry is a real froyo & smoothies place which offers true froyo and desserts with a casual dining setting.

On Thursday 20th February 2014, My Interesting Finds was invited to attend the Mooberry (Neutral Bay) Opening Event. It was chaotic with so many people and so many things happening.

Mooberry Neutral Bay (next to Maisys) specially opened with 3 levels, bottom level is the order section, and the 2nd and 3rd level is for the eating and chill.

Despite Neutral Bay being 1.5hrs away from home via public transport, we decided it was worth checking out, especially the 3 levels which was greatly emphasised in the invite. To our surprise, the store as huge as we had expected, but then I’m talking in terms of the event night because there was just too many people. As for normal usual dining, it would be perfect. 3 levels for different groups of people to hangout at, hopefully enough space for everyone though.

I’ve never been to a Mooberry before so this was my first, but to my surprise, this is one of the nicest  frozen yoghurt store designs! I love the green grass, and the sort of farm setting in a sense.

IMG_6353During the night, cider was served to all guests and all customers had the chance to pick a froyo flavour they wanted to try plus 2 toppings. The event launch was also accompanied by some music by Daniele Ghisalberti & Glen Darbs.

Mooberry's Event Launch

Mooberry’s Event Launch

I’m going by the traditional knowledge that froyo (short for frozen yoghurt) should be a little sour. This wasn’t at all sour. Quite well balanced though, not sweet, not sour, so perfect for my likings. I initially ordered strawberry pearls with mochi but the waiter thought I said lychee. But thankfully, it was delicious! A good combination of original froyo flavour with lychee and strawberry pearls. A perfect mistake! The pomegranate flavoured froyo was nice but I much preferred the original flavour simply because it was well balanced. The pomegranate was a little bit sweeter than I expected so it wasn’t my favourite. I love pearls so thumbs up for these pearls here. I would have loved to try the other desserts that would be offered on usual menus but guess it’s only froyo on event night! I’ll definitely make my way here for other desserts!

L-R:  (i) Original froyo with strawberry pearls and lychee $4.70 (ii) Pomegranate yoghurt with blueberries and mango pearls  $5

(i) Original froyo with strawberry pearls and lychee
(ii) Pomegranate yoghurt with blueberries and mango pearls

Pomegranate yoghurt with blueberries and mango pearls

Pomegranate yoghurt with blueberries and mango pearls

You get your toppings from a huge range. The below image is of the healthier toppings such as lychee, strawberries to the different pearls.

IMG_6327 We then have our less healthier options. Lots and lots of chocolate!

all the toppings you could have

all the toppings you could have

Overall, the night was alright. It could have been better in terms of logistics and delivery of the night but the froyo wasn’t bad. I’d definitely visit a Mooberry again on a casual day to enjoy the atmosphere away from a huge night.

MooBerry Dessert & Breakfast Bar on Urbanspoon

Disclaimer: Views and opinions expressed in this post represent our own only. The Finders would like to thank Carlos from Mooberry for the invitation to attend. 


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