The Dip at Goodgod Small Club {food}

It’s a nice combination of drinks & food. Definitely go for some chips. Try the hotdogs while you’re at it. But don’t have high expectations as Harry’s or other places like Snag Stand because it can’t compare.

dip 01
The chilli fries aren’t spicy so if you’re not a huge fan of chilli, this one should go well. The hot dog bread is really soft so it isn’t as nice as you would expect. I’d say the hotdog wasn’t worth the $12. Definitely Snag Stand still stands as one of my favourite hot dogs for sure!

the dip food

L-R (clockwise):
(i) ‘Chili Fries‘ – $8
thick cut steak fries w/ beef chilli & cheese
(ii) ‘Lev’s Dawg‘ – $12
smoked kosher hot dog w/ chiptotle mayo, fresh tomato salsa, grilled yellow peppers and american mustard
(iii) ‘Young Cheezy‘ – $12
beef burger w/ sharp cheese, grilled onion, dill pickles, ketchup and american mustard
(iv) ‘Hot Wings‘ – $10
red hot chicken wings w/ celery and ranch dipping sauce

Food: ★★✩✩✩
Price: $
Service: ★★★✩✩
Dining atmosphere: ★★✩✩✩

A good chill out place on a Friday night for those who just want to have a good time with no bright lights 😉

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2 thoughts on “The Dip at Goodgod Small Club {food}

  1. Oh, I was at this place recently too. It does have really poor lighting. Not sure what the effect on me was combined with the really loud music. Hahaha friends yelling at each other in the dark – mirrors real life friendship actually 😛

    I thought the chilli fries were a really really tasty snack! Would definitely go back and have it again. Nothing too special with the drinks.

    Chili fries!

    • Yes it’s actually my 2nd time there at the restaurant! The first time I got tacos and that didn’t quite impress me. So 2nd time, I thought I’d try the hot dog. So far for me, I’d have to say the chilli fries are probably the best from this place. If you enjoy a good hot dog, definitely visit Snag Stand! One of my most favourite hot dog place 🙂 It’s definitely very filling and really tasty at the same time!

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