Tachi Sushi Bar (California) {food}

Japanese is one of my most favourite cuisines so I was definitely up to trying some Japanese food after not having proper food for so long on this US trip.

Located in the area of Concord (California), is, based on my opinion, one of my favourite Japanese restaurants to date !

Stepping into Tachi, was a very warmly- litted space with typical Japanese cubicle tables to dine at. As usual, if you’re planning to escape the crowd, avoid Friday nights, it’s soo busy during Friday nights and weekends. If you’re after some drinks, there’s also a small bar where you can enjoy some Sake or Wine.

tachi IMG_6040
As I was extremely excited to try this restaurant for the very first time, I did order quite a bit of food which we shared amongst the family.

tachi IMG_6181

‘Eda Mame’
Steamed Soybeans

tachi IMG_6042

fried tofu & shrimps

tachi IMG_6182

Seaweed Salad
Octopus, seaweed, cucumber & sesame seeds

tachi IMG_6044

House Salad
Iceberg salad with house dressing

tachi IMG_6045

tachi IMG_6046

Shrimp Fried Rice

tachi IMG_6060


tachi IMG_6064

Sushi Rolls with Sashimi

tachi IMG_6066

tachi IMG_6184

tachi IMG_6180

Chicken Teriyaki served with Salad

tachi IMG_6071

Special Sashimi dish

We couldn’t finish off without some dessert. You bet, I love my green tea. This one didn’t disappoint, no powdery taste so that was good. The combination was in fact really enjoyable as well.

Red Bean & Green Tea

Red Bean & Green Tea scoops

I left San Francisco to fly to New York, but I have to admit, the food at this restaurant was excellent. There aren’t¬†many memorable restaurants experiences which I continue to hold onto, but Tachi, served to have done its’ job. I didn’t at all have high expectations for Japanese food in the States, but it served well and really reminded me of some of the good Japanese food in Sydney.

If you’re in the local area of Concord (California), you must give Tachi a try!

Tachi Sushi Bar on Urbanspoon



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