Miss Chu {food}

So as part of celebrating the end of a long, hard week of work, I finally got to try Miss Chu at Darlinghurst.

The setup was really unusual, it’s like a shop within a caravan but on the side of the streets, just like in Vietnam. I think the idea of this is extremely interesting. You basically look at the menu and then order whatever you like at the window.

miss chu 01The menu provides a variety of different dishes from around Vietnam. Miss Chu provides food which does not contain any MSG or garlic. As you can see from the blackboard menu, Pho is also on the list. Most Vietnamese restaurants which make Pho contain quite a lot of MSG. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to try Pho here so I’m not quite sure if it was any good. But I’ll definitely come back to try this!
miss chu 02I rarely ever visit Vietnamese restaurants because mum always cooks Vietnamese. I have to admit though, the food here wasn’t bad. Not including MSG really made the dish a lot better because it’s not too salty sweet but also not too plain. Without MSG, food is definitely a lot healthier but also a lot better in terms of flavour.

'Hanoi Curry' w/ vermicelli, salad and free range chicken - $15

Hanoi Curry‘ w/ vermicelli, salad and free range chicken – $15

The rice paper rolls and the sauce were quite standard. It tasted quite like any paper rolls I’ve tried elsewhere from Cabramatta. I personally don’t think the rice paper rolls are a die-for from Miss Chu.

'Tiger Prawn, green mango' rice paper roll ($7.50)

Tiger Prawn, green mango‘ rice paper roll ($7.50)

Rice paper rolls:  'Roast Duck w/ Banana flower' ($9), 'Traditional Pork' ($10) & 'Tiger Prawn, green mango' ($7.50)

Rice paper rolls:
Roast Duck w/ Banana flower‘ ($9), ‘Traditional Pork‘ ($10) & ‘Tiger Prawn, green mango‘ ($7.50)

Miss Chu uses a commercial Coconut drink cup for its slushies. The lychee and cucumber was indeed really refreshing. It was actually strange to drink cucumber because I’ve only ever eaten this. I found the cucumber really strong in this drink but eating the lychee was quite nice. Definitely a good drink for summer !

Lychee & Cucumber Frozen Crushie - $7

Lychee & Cucumber Frozen Crushie – $7

If you feel like something small like rice paper rolls or a filling lunch meal flavoured just right, Miss Chu is a good choice. But coming from a Vietnamese background eating Vietnamese food almost every day, I have to say, this definitely isn’t the best restaurant to offer Vietnamese food but I give this restaurant credit for not using MSG in its food.

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2 thoughts on “Miss Chu {food}

  1. Vietnamese food is definitely my favourite cuisine! All the flavours are there and each dish tastes different. Did they have bun bo hue? I’d like to try that first if they have it, before trying the pho 🙂

    What intrigues me the most is the coconut slushie. During summer I drink so many cups of the frozen coconut juice you have pictured above. But never thought to add anything else to it. Here, it’s a slushie AND has added lychee and cucumber!
    I’ll be sure to check this place out!

  2. Hi Mimi,

    Yes the drink is definitely very refreshing, especially during the hot summer which we experience here in Sydney! You’ll find that many restaurants these days tend to add a lot of hype to the ordinary drinks we drink everyday so be sure to watch out for those.

    If I can recall correctly, Miss Chu doesn’t offer Bun Bo Hue however, check out other dishes they do offer: http://www.misschu.com.au/MeHungry/Delivery

    The Finder

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