New York – the city that never sleeps

New York is a beautiful place. When you talk about the ultimate bucket list, New York has to be on your list. It’s a place full of tourists and visitors. If you don’t know much about New York, I’m sure you’ve seen the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building in movies! These are the main attractions which people from all over the world come to see.

New York is a city that never sleeps, it’s loud and lively, especially in Time Square. If you stay at a hotel close to these lively places, you’d find it difficult to sleep because it’s so loud, you even constantly hear the siren going off (no kidding, even throughout the night)

Time Square

Time Square

It wasonly the start of Winter, yet NYC was extremely cold. I moved from LA which was quite breezy and cool. Then down to San Jose, and it was a lot colder! Then down at Concord (San Francisco) it was extremely cold. And as I travelled up to New York City, this really gave me the true definition of “cold“. It was soooo cold that at night, you couldn’t take your gloves off to use your phone! I never wear hats outside, but here in NYC, I felt fine wearing a beanie and big Aeropostle fluffy winter boots. I loved it though! Just because I love the cold 🙂


So it took me a while to finally decide on the hotel I’d stay at during my holiday in NYC. I discovered an awesome website which really helped me decide on which hotel:
Here, there are many options where you can pick a room at a particular hotel and book it with no obligations. For some, I can even book and then cancel anytime within the specified period without any cancellation fees. For all rooms booked on this site, you don’t pay until you get to the hotel and check-in.
I first started with Hotel Cosmopolitan (located to the east of Central Park), then moved on to several other hotels such as Tribecca, Hotel Pennsylvania and then Milford NYC. I was convinced Milford was the one until several days before leaving Sydney I did a final search and found Affinia Manhattan which was right opposite Time Square and only cost me $780 USD for the 5 nights, as opposed to close to $1,000 at Milford (especially when you’re travelling with your sister, so no split costs, it’s great to know you saved!)

Our hotel was located opposite Madison Square Garden and so the walk from there to Time Square was about 15-20 minutes. Places close to this hotel include Macy’s Herald Square (2 min. walk), Empire State Building (10 min. walk), Madison Square Garden (opposite), Herald Square subway (1 min. walk). If you need a pharmacy, Duane Reade is America’s famous, with this store only located inside of Penn Station (under Madison Square Garden).

hotel Affinia Manhattan 2

– view from Hotel room (top middle & bottom left)
– plus outside & inside the hotel

hotel Affinia Manhattan
I’ve walked from the hotel to Central Park, and it only took approximately 30-45 minutes to get there, so if you’re not a subway person, it’s possible. (just keep walking up north along 7th Avenue)

NYC Subway
Subway in New York is extremely difficult. If you’re in Sydney and you’re used to trains where the stops are just suburbs, you’ll be extremely confused here. The subway in New York, is not for suburbs, but for streets! So you can take the subway from 51st street to Whitehall St (Ferries) or from 34th St to 14th St and so on. So you have to know the street you want to get off from. On this trip, my sister and I took the subway several times paying $2.50 per person per ride regardless of the trip distance.


Penn Station


Places to Visit
NYC is soooo big so there’s soo many things to do in 1 day.
You have:
– Central Park
– American Museum of Natural History
– Top of the Rock observation
– Rockefeller Centre
– Statue of Liberty
– Staten Island Ferry
– Brooklyn Bridge
– Empire State Building
– Time Square
– Washington Square Park
– 9/11 Memorial Park
– Wall St
– 5th Avenue Shopping

For a daily post of the photos, read our next few NYC blog posts 🙂

Shops must visit
5th Avenue shopping is the avenue to be at. Only to name a few . . .
– FAO Schwartz
– Tiffany & Co
– Apple Store
– Bergdorf Goodman
– Juicy Couture
– Guess
– Coach
– Saks Fifth Avenue
– Chanel
– Cartier
– Salvatore Ferragamo
– Bvlgari
– Armani
– Swarovski
– Versace
– Fendi
– Gucci
– Tommy Hilfiger
– Barneys
– Build-A-Bear workshop (largest build-a-bear workshop in the world)

You also have other huge shops in NYC which you have to visit:

– Toys R Us (has its own ferris wheel inside)
– Time Warner Shops
– Macy’s (Herald Square)
– M&M’s world

I’ve fallen in love with NYC 🙂

So check out  the next few NYC posts (by trip days) for pictures of the places to visit !


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