Ruby Foo (New York) {food}

So it was our last night in New York so we wanted to make sure our last was celebrated with a good dinner.
We had spotted this restaurant the night before so had finally become decisive on food choices for once.

When we got to the door, my sister & I felt a bit nervous because it looked a little dodgy. The red doors weren’t really furnished. When you come through the doors you don’t enter the restaurant immediately. You have to go through another door, I think it’s just noise blockage.

As soon as we entered, we felt a sigh of relief. It was nice and warm in the restaurant. The atmosphere was very warming and added a Chinese culture vibe to it from the lanterns hanging from the ceiling and the big Buddha statue towards the far back of the restaurant.

ruby foos IMG_9769

ruby foos IMG_9788
As you probably realised, the restaurant is named ‘Ruby Foos’ so a lot of things in the restaurant is red.

ruby foos IMG_9771

ruby foos IMG_9757

I was quite surprise when they bought out the dish. Most Chinese restaurants I’ve been to always put 2 or 3 prawns. This one had at least 8 ! I;m not a huge fan of prawns but you know, they’re expensive so you have your money worth. The dish was delicious mainly because the noodles were extra crispy and the sauce to it was just perfectly balanced.

ruby foos IMG_9777

Double Pan-Fried Noodles
shrimp, scallop with chili-garlic sauce

This hot & sour sauce was quite sweet to be honest. I would say far from being perfectly balanced. The crispy garlic, the rice and the hot & sour sauce together created a very unique taste. It felt like eating very small grains of rice in a sweet thick soup. To offset the sweetness we ate this dish with the fried rice.

ruby foos IMG_9773

Hot & Sour Pork
pork belly, crispy garlic, rice & egg

The fried rice was standard but I liked the ingredients that went into it.

ruby foos IMG_9783

Chicken Pineapple Fried Rice‘ w/ cashews

So as soon as my sister and I took a spoonful from this green tea gelato, she knew what I was going to say about this dessert. Green tea gelato or green tea drinks, who doesn’t know the most important ingredient is the green tea powder, but you honestly don’t want to be tasting the powder. Well for this one, powder was what you could taste most. So I wouldn’t recommend this. We decided to go for gelato instead because we were too full to get anything big. But honestly, if I were to come back, I wouldn’t get the gelato.

ruby foos IMG_9790

Green Tea Gelato

Overall the food was good. And the service was excellent. The waitress kept coming to our table asking if our meal was good. They were just very welcoming and friendly. Overall, worth a try.

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