Nathan’s Famous (New York) {food}

Before you board the Staten Island ferry to view the Statue of Liberty, don’t forget to get some food. Try the corn dogs here with its affordable prices.

Nathans Famous IMG_8474

Nathans Famous IMG_8475

So we ordered #3, the ‘2 corn dogs’ combo meal for $7.99
As usual, it’s a fast food restaurant, so standard. But give it a try!

Nathan's famous IMG_8476

Nathan's famous IMG_8478

Nathan's famous IMG_8480

Nathan's famous IMG_8484

Nathan's famous IMG_8485/

No expectations for these chips, but as you can see from the photo, the chips were very oily, with it being soggy – no crunch in them unfortunately 😦

Nathan's Famous IMG_8479

As you will be boarding the Staten Island Ferry, you will go into the Staten Ferry Terminal and you’ll see all the food chains in here. I guess looking back now, maybe I should have tried the hot dogs, ‘more than just the best hot dog’.


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