Iroha Sapporo (New York) {food}

It’s heaps difficult when it comes to deciding where and what to eat in the city of New York right at Time Square because it’s just soo big and there’s just too many places to choose from. At this point we were craving Japanese food so right in front of us on this very street, were a few Japanese restaurants and an Italian restaurant. Obviously you would pick based on first impression so since Iroha looked really busy but no long lines, it was chosen.
Iroha IMG_7627

Iroha IMG_7607

The place was very warm from the warm yellow lighting with a nice seating area as well as a small bar along the side for those looking to get some small foods and some drinks. This following photo, was taken towards the end of the night when all customers had left, but can you believe it, up to 11pm, and it was still pretty full.

Iroha IMG_7624

Iroha IMG_7610

The Soupless Ramen, I’ll admit, was just right. There wasn’t however enough soy sauce to balance out the flavourless noodles so that was a let down. The soy sauce was indeed special, not your very typical soy sauce but as said, more would have been great. All else, everything was well cooked. I specially loved the ramen  noodles, it’s not as thin as usual ramen. I typically don’t usually order ramen at Japanese restaurants simply because my favourite noodles are the thick ones.

'Abura-Ramen' Soupless Ramen Noodle with Special Soy Sauce  $10

Soupless Ramen Noodle with Special Soy Sauce

The udon was pretty standard, was pretty much like any udon dish I’ve tasted. The fried tofu are those strips at the top of the bowl in the below image. These were delicious, but I would not have thought they were tofu because it tasted quite different to the normal soy tofu you usually get. May have been because they had been fried previously, but it sure was some special kind of tofu.

'Kitsune' noodle soup simmered fried tofu w/ dashi, fish cake & tokyo scallion $9

Kitsune’ noodle soup
simmered fried tofu w/ dashi, fish cake & tokyo scallion

The Spider roll was standard. I probably enjoyed the prawn tempura most as it was very crispy. What I also noticed was the finely diced cucumber inside. They were thin 5mm strips of cucumbers and I couldn’t help but admire how thin and finely diced they were, as I’ve never seen cucumber in sushi cut this small! It was quite splendid though!

'Spider Roll' softshell crab tempura $8.50

‘Spider Roll’
softshell crab tempura

Iroha IMG_7622

As standard as any other Japanese restaurant, definitely visit Iroha. It’s a great place to have dinner on a cold night in New York during Winter in December.

Iroha Japanese Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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