Ben & Jerry’s (New York) {food}

So after getting up on Level 67 & 69 of the Rockefeller Centre for ‘Top of the Rock‘ observation, my sister and I came across a Ben & Jerry’s store right next to the exit. So since it was my birthday, we decided to have a Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream cone to celebrate. We got the cookies n cream in a waffles cone dipped in chocolate with peanuts. It was deliciously satisfying despite the cold weather of -10 degrees Celsius.

Cant help it but show some great pictures of the cone 🙂

Ben & Jerrys IMG_9073

Ben & Jerrys IMG_9067

Ben & Jerrys IMG_9071

Ben & Jerrys IMG_9069

This is what the Ben & Jerry’s in Rockefeller Plaza looks like

Ben & Jerrys IMG_9075

Ben & Jerrys IMG_9064

Ben & Jerrys IMG_9061

Ben & Jerrys IMG_9065

Ben & Jerrys IMG_9060

Ben & Jerry's on Urbanspoon



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