being late: A costly lesson learnt

Ever had the feeling when you’re early for everything but then the one time you’re late, it had to be for something sooo important that you should not have been late for?! Well my lateness cost me all my hard work of savings, and can be deemed as the most foolish, careless act ever.

So on the morning of the 3rd Dec, I woke up soo excited to get on the plane to fly to the states. Already discussing the day before that the ‘3 hour early check-in’ was too late, we decided that it would be fine to leave the house at 12 (our plane was taking off at 2.25pm and it took 1.5 hours to get there). That day due to traffic, leaving at 12 was not a great idea. We got there at a quarter to 2pm. And was obviously advised we were too late to check-in and that we need to call up and change reservations. To my horror, the call centre advised because I had purchased ‘saver’ tickets to the States ($1,200 per person), and that I was late, I was not entitled to any changes and had forfeited my return tickets. Return ?? WHAT?!??! Are you kidding me?  VIRGIN YOU STUPID. I was late for a flight to US, not late for my return trip from the States. Okay fine !!! (I will find a way to complain when I get back from overseas, not much luck though) But worst part wasn’t the fact that I lost 2 return tickets, (I paid for my sister’s ticket aswell, and yes that was forfeited too) it was the fact that Flight Centre found flights the next day but it was for $3000 return. It’s ridiculous! Decided it was my only option so I said yes. Then googled and found that there were cheaper flights on Qantas so I decided to head home and buy them instead. Came home and found flights for $1550 to LAX on 4th Dec and $880 from LAX to Sydney. This was around $4,600 in total for my sister and I. So we technically spent $7,000 in total for return to LAX for 2 people. I already booked New York which was another $2,000 for domestic flights and accommodation for 2. So we weren’t overseas yet and so much had been spent. So I guess we have to make the most of the trip!

I cannot even describe how awful of a feeling that was! But thanks to family members who comforted me. It was such a low, awful feeling which led me to crying in bed for an entire day after coming back from the airports. I guess it’s a very costly lesson, one which really taught me. I’m still trying to enjoy everything at the moment but it is hard when you don’t have as much $ as you initially planned to spend before the disaster. I’m currently in Los Angeles with relatives living life like everyday. It’s hard being away from family internationally for the first time but you got to start somewhere right? It’s definitely costly but a very good journey to allow me to be independent and really explore life in a different country as well as meeting people and getting to know them better.

I’ll post up pictures of my trip as I go. Everyone around the world, have a great day, make the most of every second 🙂

Tip for those who are always late: just go to the airport and check-in as early you can just to be safe! Don’t do what I did and be foolish. Happy travelling 🙂


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