Ssong Ga Chicken {food}

If you haven’t been to Strathfield, let me tell you, it’s the land of Korean food – lots and lots of it!

But depending on what kind of Korean food you’re having and where, if you’re starving, this place probably should not even be considered. Food here is served in big pans which take quite a while to heat up. It’s a very unique experience though. You sit and watch the process of your meal being cooked before your eyes with the help of the waiters/waitresses to stir it up for you using 2 metal spatulas. However the cooking process can take up to 30 mins or longer and depending how quick the staff are as well.

The last time we visited this place, was about a year ago. Our experience was quite good from then, so we decided to visit this place again. But this time, under new management, it served to disappoint. Clearly choosing to sit outside was the worst decision for this restaurant specifically. Let’s just say, if we had walked off after finishing our meals, no one would have realised! The staff didn’t even approach us, we literally had to walk into the restaurant to call them each time!

In total, we ordered 3 of the ‘Cheese Dak Gai Bi‘, ‘Fried rice with sauce left over‘ and the ‘cold noodles with veggies‘ which totalled to $131 split between 10 people which was pretty cheap.

Our dish arrives, with everything still fresh and uncooked, and makes us think, ‘woah 5 girls won’t be able to finish this‘! What we looked forward to most was the spice and the rice cakes!

Cheese Dak Gai Bi Stir fried spicy chicken with veggies cheese on the top - $33  with rice cakes - $3

Cheese Dak Gai Bi
Stir fried spicy chicken with veggies cheese on the top – $33
with rice cakes – $3

While it’s still being cooked, but the best part is yet to come!


The cheese! Best part, melted all over the ingredients.


As we dug through our dish, we realised it wasn’t as spicy as it used to be, and there just wasn’t enough rice cakes. As I recall from previous experience, there were so many rice cakes it was insane cos it really satisfied our cravings. The meal is recommended to serve 2 people but from this experience, it definitely doesn’t serve 5, it’d say 3-4 people.


Don’t forget that if you did have leftover sauce in the pan, you could also order ‘Fried rice with sauce left over’ for only $5.

Another dish which we also ordered was the cold noodles with veggies.
Ignore the tongs, they handed the dish to us like this 😦

Cold Noodle with Veggies - $27

Cold Noodle with Veggies – $27


Overall, it’s a pretty average Korean restaurant. Good place to sit and chill with friends if it was just a weekday. Not particularly sure how busy it is on a weekend anymore.

This restaurant doesn’t even have its name on Urbanspoon! But it is located 2 doors down from Bassim Strathfield, same street as Moochi if that helps.


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