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On 30th October 2013, Waitan opened its doors for a media launch event which was attended by a large crowd consisting of former Masterchef contestants, famous Chefs, celebrities, the media as well as the bloggers. The event was definitely highly successful, providing the crowd with an amazing first experience to what Waitan has to offer.

Waitan opens to provide Sydney with ‘a new concept in luxe asian dining where east meets west and old meets new like never before‘.

WAITAN_20131030 (05)
The event launch definitely grabbed a lot of media attention from beautiful models to luxurious cars.

WAITAN_20131030 (04)
WAITAN_20131030 (03)

Located in Sydney’s Chinatown with a price tag of over $10 million, Waitan offers 2-levels which embraces the reality of  Asian dining experience. The 1st floor is the main dining area which also includes Waitan’s O Lounge which provides guests with the opportunity to laze around on opium beds while sipping their drinks.

WAITAN_20131030 (10)

WAITAN_20131030 (08)

WAITAN_20131030 (09)

WAITAN_20131030 (07)

Waitan’s O Lounge

opium beds with drinks

opium bed with drinks

The 2nd floor, Dining Bar brings the Scotch Whisky to visitors within one of the 14 private dining rooms specifically designed for events, business and corporate functions. Rooms vary in sizes to cater for different events. Amongst these private rooms, few Grill Rooms offer a private chef, taking this Chef’s Table to a whole new level. To signify Waitan and Moet Hennessey’s strong relationship, the $50k 6-litre behemoth along with its custom travelling case (hand-crafted by Designer Arik Levy) is featured on this floor. This exclusivity is to come to Waitan as it is the only bottle to exist in Australia!

WAITAN_20131030 (32)

WAITAN_20131030 (28)

WAITAN_20131030 (27)

WAITAN_20131030 (29)

the biggest dining table in any Australian restaurant !

WAITAN_20131030 (26)

exquisite lights

To date, 3  $10k memberships have been sold. These entitles you to a private room as well as unlimited canapes & drinks.

The interior design including the fittings holds a price tag of $10 million where beautiful artworks, bird cages as well as the fittings add to provide a greater luxe experience.

WAITAN_20131030 (12)

bird cage decorations

WAITAN_20131030 (33)

detailing of the cushions

The buns below served as the first canape to the night.

the buns serve as a starter to the numerous canapes to come

the buns serve as a starter to the numerous canapes to come

So some of the main canapes served that night included the abalone ball with mushrooms. The ball despite its small size, was extremely filling I think, but was a little dry. Despite this the mushroom had a tint of sauce which balanced out the dry abalone ball.

Abalone balls with mushroom

Abalone balls with mushroom

WAITAN_20131030 (25)

the staff preparing the ‘abalone balls with mushroom’

When it comes to rare cooked beef, I’d rather avoid it! But this proved me wrong. The beef cooked rare in the bun along with 2 slices of cucumber was extremely tasty. The sauce which accompanied the beef added a little bit more of a soy flavour which was great. I think my opinion on beef might change, perhaps only if it’s at Waitan.

Beef Bun

Beef Bun

the making of the beef bun

the making of the beef bun

The prawn sticks & the long spring rolls were quite standard. But when food is not at the top notch, you’d be asking, how do you improve such food. That’s when the dipping sauce comes in. It is extremely difficult to master spring rolls and prawns itself, so you’d have to place greater focus on the sauce. The special chilli sauce for the prawns & spring rolls were amazing! It was as if the flavour came naturally from the actual food itself. I’ve never honestly had the chance to taste any sauce quite like this as the typical spring rolls dipping would either be soy sauce or even fish sauce (vietnamese sauce: nuoc mam). Thumbs up for the sauce here.

prawn sticks

prawn sticks

long Spring Rolls

long Spring Rolls

You can’t leave Waitan without trying the peking duck- probably known to be the best of the night. The peking duck comes out from the oven, having been cooked for 3 days.

an Oven used by Waitan to cook the peking duck for 3 days

an Oven used by Waitan to cook the peking duck for 3 days

these peking ducks take 3 days to cook

these peking ducks take 3 days to cook

peking duck wraps

ingredients in the peking duck wraps

peking duck wrap

peking duck wrap

You also can’t ignore the oyster counter, this interesting setup lets everyone gather around to observe

the Oyster counter

the Oyster counter

The cheesecake, as the name suggests was very cheesy. Those who like this, would definitely enjoy this. As it is only a canape, it’s definitely difficult to judge how well this would taste if it had more of an abundance of flavours if the size was bigger. But based on this small portion, it’s quite delicious.



WAITAN_20131030 (19)

the delicacy of the cheesecake

I can’t end without mentioning how exquisitely large the kitchen is. There is a great number of chefs in the kitchen as well as bar tenders at the same time.

the main kitchen

the main kitchen

the 2nd kitchen

the 2nd kitchen

This place will definitely make its way up to the top very soon. The dining experience will no doubt be a memorable one, allowing you to experience the richest of the Chinese culture.


Address: 405 Sussex Street, Sydney NSW 2000
For reservations: 02 8218 1000 or info@waitan.com.au
Opening hours: Mon-Sun 6pm till 12am
Interior Design★★★
Food (based on the canapes)★★★

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