Tenkomori Ramen House {food}

Sometimes it’s not worth describing what the food tastes like. It’s worth having an idea what the place is like, what’s offered, and is it worth visiting, so now, it’s going to be less words and more ratings!

Friday nights are packed. But you’ll always manage to get a seat. This place is located right next to Gloria Jeans Coffee in the alleyway called Regents Place close to KFC/Cinemas at Town Hall Sydney. There are plenty other places to try around Tenkomori so you’ll always find something to eat.

Service:  ★★★✩✩  – you line up to order, and pick extra sides. You pay at the counter when you receive your food. FYI This place only takes cash.

Food: ★★★✩✩

Dining atmosphere: ★★✩✩✩

Price: $    [extremely cheap. Dishes are around $8 – $10] 

Tenkomori (01)
I ordered the Ontama Chilli Pork with Sesame sauce; till today, has been my favourite dish from Tenkomori. 
Tenkomori (02)

Tenkomori Ramen House on Urbanspoon


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