Sentimental timetellers

There are things people give us which we find adorable, sweet or beautiful or whatever other descriptive word we would like to use.

When we look back in time and think of the gifts we received throughout the years, we remember those who gave them to us- our family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances or friends who we’ve distanced from.

Sometimes we don’t even need a gift. Sometimes it’s because they’re so valuable to us that they are the actual gift which we hold and treasure dearly.

One most sentimental belongings I enjoy is the watches I’ve owned throughout my 21 years. My first ever watch was a Guess brand which I loved so much. I had 3 different watch bands for that, a white snake leather band, a pink and a black patent watch band. Then on my 18th b’day, mum passed down her white Longines, a classic model which despite being worn for over 10 years, is still so valuable and sentimental. After 2.5 years, I was surprised to find mum had handed me a new gold Longines. It truly is a valuable thing which for the rest of my life, will always be a sentimental timeless object.

Women's 'Longines La Grande Classique' watch

Women’s ‘Longines La Grande Classique’ watch

What I also find interesting is the watch collections which my parents are so fond of. I think sometimes that’s the sweetest thing which makes me smile. Married couples being together for so long with endless number of arguments but amongst them they share the most interesting interests and values. It’s so special that they reward themselves both with something they absolutely love and have shared for over 10 years- their love for these Rado watches. More than just the exquisite look, these watches last for an extremely long time, carrying with it so many memories.

forever a pair

forever a pair: Men’s ‘Rado Sintra Black Jubile’ & Women’s ‘Rado Jubile Black Hitek ceramic sapphire O’

What is so important about these watches is that it isn’t only a sentimental piece, but it’s the representation of life, each and everyday that we live. It isn’t just this or that watch, it is every watch which exists. Every tick and movement of the hands on these watches represent how lucky we are to be able to live an extra second, minute, hour, day. Therefore I tell everyone, please cherish every day that you have. Don’t waste any second of it, make the most of it and enjoy your life. You’ve only got one chance to do life, so do it how you want to 🙂

timeless memories (03)

admiration for exquisite watches

timeless memories (04)


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