Le Caravelle {food}

There’s plenty of hang out places to go to. Whether the food is great or not, sometimes you just want to sit and chill and enjoy a hot chocolate or choose one of the simplest desserts to digest while chatting away.

Many restaurants today tend to focus a lot on customer service and creating that exceptional friendly service. This element seemed to have been missed by this place, Le Caravelle. Located in Canley Heights (next to Holy Basil), the interior design was quite nice with warm lighting however, the waiters/waitresses weren’t too engaged with their customers.

We ordered a Ricotta Cannoli ($4.50), Crème brûlée ($11.50) and a Tiramisu ($7.50). If you’re a fan of Ricotta cheese, the Cannoli will be perfect. As I am not much of a Ricotta fan, I didn’t quite like it. The pastry on the outside wasn’t as crunchy as it should be. The little chocolate bits did add a bit of a sweetness taste to it but didn’t exactly improve it either. The tiramisu was standard- typical, was very sweet.

L-R: Ricotta Cannoli, Crème brûlée, Tiramisu

L-R: Ricotta Cannoli, Crème brûlée, Tiramisu

The location was probably the highlight. It was really nice and warm, especially when that night was extremely chilly.

the interior design of the place

the interior design of the place

If you need to have a catchup with friends, or just need to chill, this place definitely can be recommended. It’s quite a warming atmosphere for the winter season. As we are fast approaching the sweaty seasons, probably not a good idea.

Aside from these desserts, they also sell Frozen Yoghurt (froyo) as well as ice-cream.
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