Vietnamese Broken Rice w/ Pork Chops & Shredded Pork Skin {food}

Com Tam Bi Suon is one of Vietnam’s Famous Traditional recipes 

Com Tam‘ means Broken Rice, ‘Bi’ refers to the Shredded Pork Skin and ‘Suon‘ is the Pork Chop.

My mum is my inspiration, I may be born in Australia but she’s the reason I still remember my true identity as a Vietnamese Australian. It’s been 21 years, my mum has never stopped cooking. This is just one of those million meals she makes for the family.

Com Tam Bi Suon

Com Tam Bi Suon
– captured by iPhone 4S

Cheers to all the mothers out there who have made all the delicious meals for us  each and every  day. xx


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