Best of Melbourne as a newbie

So when you purchase cheap airfares to Melbourne, Australia for only 4 days and 3 nights (Sun 30th June-Wed 3rd July), you know you’re either going to do so much and tire yourself out, or simply spend more time on less things. Challenging, we chose the first option. This trip was indeed special, ripping through the ‘never been interstate’ title and seeing Melbourne for the first time with 3 of my closest friends. Leading up to this trip, we all had exams, so 2 days before jetting off, stayed up till 2am each night drawing up an itinerary to incorporate all the places we wanted to go to. Being first-timers, we wanted to do everything!

Below is our 4-day itinerary if curious :

Melb Schedule

It’s funny cause we initially had less items on our plan, but added more to it as we finished through. Considering the heals on our boots, we covered more than we expected!

If you’ve never been to Melbourne or just plan to visit the most-talked about places, I’ve collated a list for you if you plan to take a few days off from life and enjoy & explore something ‘new and interesting’. I’ve given the

So the below list is of all the places we went to. All places were great, but there had to be the top food we tried (*****)

Flights: $74 return Avalon-Sydney via Jetstar
Accomodation: Family of 4 ensuite at Space Hotel ($129 p/night)

6.30am flight to Melbourne 30 June 2013

6.30am flight to Melbourne 30 June 2013
– captured by Canon EOS 600D


Hardware Societe, Manchester Press (*****)

Westlake Yum Cha (****), Issus (Degraves St)

Taiwanese Street Food Restaurant (Taiwanese Cafe), Giuseppe Arnaldo & Sons (*****), Mamasita

Desserts & Sweets:
Ganache Chocolate (*****), LuxBite (*****), Dessert Story (Taiwanese), La Belle Miette, Hopetoun Tea Room (Block Arcade), Koko Black (several, on Lygon St)

Hunger unable to be contained:
Lord of the Fries [will be opening in Syd soon!] (*****)
Queen Victoria Markets, GPO Shops, QV Preccint shopping, Crown Towers, NewQuay shopping (Docklands), Melb Central Shopping, Southbank Shops, Chapel St shopping

State Library of Victoria, Street Art: Union Lane (off Bourke St Mall), Randan Lane, ACMI (Australian Centre of Moving Images), Eureka Skydeck 88, Seafarers Bridge, AAMI Park, St Patrick Cathedral, Southern Cross Station
So if you’re looking to take a break, I’ll advise you, to visit the city of Melbourne where trams take you anywhere in the CBD; and experience the interesting Melbourne life.


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